The Story of Creationous, LLC.

Established January 9, 2017, Creationous was designed to create imagery for architecture that could sell by learning the techniques used by professionals around the world. Starting in Real Estate, Carson Gray Hardy honed in his skills for composition with the help of several years of graphic design. Thereon after, he created more than just a trust-worthy product image into a brand image which he had strayed away from. His extreme discipline for design couldn’t be held back anymore… He had to let his creative mind be set free.

Reaching out to individual contractors and businesses, he knew he could make their audiences trust them more than before. He then set out to design logos and eventually focused his time in photography into his true passion: vid·e·og·ra·phy. Since he was a kid, he had a fascination of movement in the world, which fueled the deep-learning in which he invested into cinematography: the art of making motion pictures. Just like in the movies, his work was intensive and his design discipline settled into a strong sense of moving the viewers’ eye exactly where was needed for the most effective results.